Paula Mack 4.2022

Paula Mack

Senior Accountant


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Paula Mack is one of CPN Legal’s Senior Accountants. Driven by her desire to be a part of a growing small business, Paula brings a wealth of experience to the CPN Legal team. In addition to her extensive work in financial and managerial roles, Paula’s degree in English gives her a unique perspective that allows her to build clear and concise communication with our clients. Paula has developed strong skills in QuickBooks and other cloud-based bookkeeping software making her an asset for our team and our clients.

Like many members of the CPN Legal team, Paula is an Ohio native and a Xavier University alum. The proud mother of two, Paula enjoys taking a moment to herself to read and catch up on the news. You can bet that her perusal of the news will include a stop at the sports section. Not only is Paula an avid basketball fan, but she also spends her time enjoying tennis, and traveling with her son’s volleyball team for tournaments.