Todd Willing

Todd Willing

Senior Accountant


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Meet Todd Willing. Todd serves on the CPN Legal Team as one of our senior accountants. With 30 years of experience in accounting assisting clients with managing their accounting and finances, Todd is taking on a new career with CPN Legal. When Todd was searching out a position, he specifically sought out one that would allow him to sharpen his skills against the fresh challenge of a new industry. Like many members of our team, the culture at CPN Legal was a key part of what led him to accept the role. During his career, Todd cherished the strong relationships he built with his clients. The relationships he witnessed and continues to witness, between the CPN Legal Team and our clients remind him so much of that valued aspect of his previous role.

A Cincinnati native, Todd married his high school sweetheart, Sue. Todd attended Xavier University and Sue went to Christ Hospital School of Nursing to become an RN, before settling down and starting a family. Now he is the proud father of two adult children and grandfather to an adorable granddaughter, named Olive. When he’s not working, Todd can often be found spending time with his family, playing with Olive, reading American history novels, cooking and planning his next home improvement project. He enjoys making people laugh one corny joke at a time and we enjoy having him as a part of CPN Legal.