Let me introduce you to a new way to do document management!

MetaJure Announces New Document Management Extender that Transforms Existing DMS into Knowledge Management Systems.

MetaJure, developer of the first automated document management system (DMS) for the legal industry, is now offering ILLUMINATE™, a new affordable DMS extender that gives law firms easy access to 100% of their intellectual property.

ILLUMINATE transforms existing DMS, like Worldox, NetDocuments, iManage and others into a knowledge management system so you can take advantage of all of your firm’s work product, expertise and wisdom.

With ILLUMINATE, law firms can move forward on important initiatives, including:

  • True enterprise-wide search that drastically reduces time spent by attorneys and staff in locating documents, templates, or identifying colleagues with needed expertise.
  • Access to accounting and billing data that allows firm management to assess the financial impact of key clients or matters, or to support decisions on alternative fee arrangements
  • Email conversations that provide important context around previously created documents and guidance, allowing informed reuse in subsequent cases.

Firms can also access:

  • Legacy data and unstructured information on file shares
  • Case files, including documents from both clients and opposing counsel
  • Dedicated or special network drives, such as those that include only email.

Using the same powerful automation behind MetaJure Smart DMS, ILLUMINATE captures, OCR’s and indexes the documents, folders, and email on personal computers, network drives, or other dedicated storage sites – without disrupting the data.

ILLUMINATE is a SaaS product that is priced for firms with a traditional document management system and works behind your firewall or in the cloud.

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Testimonials from some MetaJure law firms:

“MetaJure is easy and cost- effective. There’s no way we could efficiently practice without it. It’s saving us hundreds of hours.”

Erin SchadenAttorney and Legal Administrator
Herring Law Group

“…the team all uses it and it’s working great. Kimberly loves using it from home – faster and better than clicking through folders on share drives.”

Linda JacobsParalegal
Pacifica Law Group

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MetaJure is a smart Document Management System that automatically captures all of the documents and email in your systems, enabling faster, more complete and efficient search than any current generation DMS system offers. MetaJure was developed by lawyers who were frustrated with the state of document and email management in their law firms and legal departments. This new DMS takes all the work out of document management and delivers 100% of your organization’s information through simple keyword search.

With MetaJure, you:

  • Stop wasting time and money manually organizing documents and email
  • Find documents you want, when you want them
  • Streamline and automate scanning, filing and OCRing documents
  • Boost productivity with immediate access to 100% of your documents and emails.

Document Retention and Retrieval is an Ethical Obligation

Lawyers have a longstanding ethical obligation to preserve and deliver upon request all client documents and communications. As the world has moved to electronic documents, these obligations remain despite any growing difficulties lawyers may face in meeting this professional responsibility. An effective and comprehensive electronic document retention and retrieval system is not only critical to the efficient operation of a law firm or a corporate legal department; it is a fundamental professional obligation.

Learn more about MetaJure at http://metajure.com/introducing-metajure