3 Video Ideas to Jumpstart Your Firm’s TikTok or Instagram Presence (Plus Extra Advice!)

Video is the present and future of content consumption. According to our 2022 Legal Marketing Trends Report, only 9% of law firms were on TikTok, which is the biggest social media platform in the world right now and is 100% video–based. We expect that number to increase for the 2023 report, but there’s still time to get out ahead of your competitors.

But a lack of law firm competition isn’t the only thing to be aware of. Because of TikTok, other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are prioritizing video content above everything else, leading to a change in the social media landscape. Now, with Instagram Reels (and even YouTube Shorts), there’s no shortage of opportunities for your firm to make a splash and provide genuinely helpful and informative content.

Here are a few premise ideas to help you get started.

  1. Recycle Old Content – If your firm already has video content on your website or a YouTube channel, you can absolutely repost it to your TikTok or Reels channel. Use a free app like CapCut or Splice to reformat the video to mobile and repost!
  2. Respond to Comments- Even if you don’t have any comments to pull from on your own channel, you can easily go to other law firm TikTok channels and find comments. Start with the bigger lawyer influencers like @Lawbymike or @Ugolord (if they’re in your same practice area) and reply to comments with a video. Just tap on the comment and click the red camera icon that pops up! This gives your firm a great opportunity to discuss a legal concept that the other creator may not ever see or respond to, which can allow you to grow your followers.
  3. Use a Trending Sound- You don’t have to dance or choreograph an entire production, but TikTok is full of quick sound bites that others have turned into memes. You can use these sounds and apply them to your firm’s practice area.

From there, because of how TikTok’s algorithm works with the popularity of various sounds and trends, your video will get thrown into the mix and shown to people who have interacted with other videos using the same sound. This allows you to reach new audiences and expand your influence.

Bonus Tip #1 – Stick to a Theme- TikTok is the ultimate example of the power of finding your niche. The most successful channels all have one big thing in common—99% of their videos are about the same exact thing. We recommend providing practical, helpful information. Explain legal concepts at a surface level—no need to get into the gritty details of specific cases. This is how people will view you as the expert.

Bonus Tip #2 – Repurpose on Other Platforms! If you’re already making video content for TikTok, why not post it elsewhere? Post it to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and even on your firm’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages. There are some conflicting reports about other platforms limiting reach if the video contains TikTok’s watermark, so if that’s a concern, there are browser–based apps that can remove the watermark for you.

At this point, your firm can’t afford to NOT be on TikTok. It’s the present and future of social media, and it’s where your future clients will be hanging out.


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