In a digital world, running a law firm without a digital database is a recipe for inefficiency and productivity losses. Having all necessary information within a few quick clicks is essential, and Clio has enabled law firms to centralize their processes and maximize their efficiency. The catch? Getting the full value that Clio offers requires consistent focus on best practices. At CPN Legal, we empower law firms to embrace their data and grow their businesses by fully integrating Clio into their systems and provide Clio bookkeeping consulting and setup to help firms get there.

By streamlining your business operations and maximizing the value of your investment in Clio practice management software, we will help you enhance your business efficiency. As Clio bookkeeping consulting experts, we focus on key metrics to increase your profitability, growth, and revenue. Through our work, we have helped countless law firms scale their practice and make more informed decisions. To begin the process of setting up Clio for bookkeeping or optimizing your use of the platform, consider contacting us at (513) 334-5076 today.

About CPN Legal

Founded in 2011 by Peggy and Chris Gruenke, our consultancy is rooted in a desire to help small businesses succeed. Having fostered our entrepreneurial spirit for over a decade, our team has grown to include skilled CPAs, controllers, expert bookkeepers, and industry specialists, all of whom are laser-focused on providing law firms with the tools, systems, and processes necessary to scale their business. We deliver white-glove service with a personal touch – person to person, entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

At CPN Legal, we care about your story.

As a Gold Certified Clio Consultant, we have the in-depth knowledge and expertise required to provide tailored consulting services and training to lawyers who are looking to improve efficiency in their daily workflow. We help law firms get the most out of their practice management software and leverage digital tools to take their business to the next level.

How Can We Help?

Clio has been transforming the legal experience through cloud-based and client-centered legal technology. With over 150,000 attorneys in 90 countries trusting Clio as their legal practice management software, it is now the world’s most widely utilized practice management software.

We are Clio bookkeeping consulting experts who offer tailored accounting and bookkeeping services to lawyers and law firms on a monthly or as-needed basis. Whether you are a current Clio user looking for new ways to optimize your use of the software, or are a new user trying to integrate this technology into your firm’s operations, we can help guide you through:

  • Implementing and overseeing Clio trust accounting and integration with QBO. While traditional accounting software may be enough for keeping accurate records of their books, such software is typically not suited for trust accounting because of the fiduciary duties imposed when handling client funds. As a fully integrated practice management platform, Clio is a powerful tool for keeping meticulous records that are in compliance with industry rules and regulations. We will assess your needs and develop a strategy that fully optimizes your use of Clio trust accounting tools. From automated trust accounting, integrating online payment processors, and navigating built-in credit card processing features, you can feel confident that your business is fully taking advantage of this powerful practice management software.
  • Conducting Clio training for your team. The Clio platform enables law firms to track important deadlines, manage client cases and documents, invoice clients, accept payments, and much more. We offer comprehensive Clio training to quickly bring your team up to speed on how to get the most out of your practice management software and improve the efficiency of your practice. Our training services are designed to increase your professional success and, in turn, your personal satisfaction. We prioritize efficiency through automation, meaning your team can focus less on business processes and more on productivity and delivering an excellent client experience.
  • Utilizing Clio to build out money management efficiency. For many law firms, invoicing clients and receiving payment is a months-long ordeal. Efficient money management is a critical component of business stability, enabling you to evaluate your financial obligations and growth. It is easy to lose track of long-term business goals when you are faced with substantial financial pressure. Our team will help with setting up Clio for bookkeeping to build out money management efficiency and develop a well-outlined cash management strategy to achieve growth.
  • Setting up Clio reporting and data. Clio holds lots of data to help you monitor your business and make decisions. From staff utilization to revenue by practice area or timekeeper, Clio can generate reports. However, sometimes you need a report that Clio does not have on the list. CPN Legal can create a number of custom reports for you that include bonus or commissions calculations, and when a matter is complete, we can analyze your profitability on that case. Plus much more. Our Clio bookkeeping consulting experts will help you set up Clio reporting and data to better understand financial trends, improve staff productivity, and track deliverables – all in one place.

What If Our Firm Already Has Clio?

In the competitive and dynamic legal industry, continuously developing your skills is key to your success. Regardless of your experience with the platform, there are always opportunities to broaden your expertise and optimize your use of Clio’s practice management software. Clio is always updating their software and offering new enhancements for the legal tech platform. Staying abreast of these improvements interrupts your productivity, forcing you to take time out of your schedule to review new product features and improvements.

When you work with CPN Legal, we do all the heavy lifting so you can spend your time more efficiently. When you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to dedicated Clio bookkeeping consulting experts, you can feel confident that all the tools and features of the practice management software are being implemented in your firm’s business processes. We also provide ongoing support to law firms who want to stay engaged in their accounting and bookkeeping.

What If Our Firm Does Not Currently Use Clio but We Are Interested in Switching Management Systems?

We get it – migrating to Clio is not an easy decision and the process of manually moving your firm’s data over is daunting. If you are interested in taking the jump and setting up Clio with QuickBooks Online for bookkeeping, our team of experienced bookkeepers and Clio specialists can help guide you through the process. We will facilitate the process from start to finish, securing your Clio account, deciding the timeline for migration, and assist with sorting/importing your data.

When getting started with Clio, the first 30 days are formative to your success. Our migration specialists will collaborate with you and the Clio migration team during every step of the process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We ensure that you do not need to stress about the technical details, instead focusing on managing your practice during the transition.

If you are still on the fence about making the switch, our team can help determine if Clio would be the best solution for optimizing your processes and maximizing your efficiency. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all law firms after all, and we strive to ensure that Clio is the right fit for you. 

Download the Guide “Getting Started in Clio: The First 30 Days”

How Can Clio Bookkeeping Consulting From CPN Legal Save Time for Your Firm?

When you work with us, you gain access to our robust team of Clio bookkeeping consulting experts and specialists, not just one person. Your law firm does not operate in a vacuum. Other organizations impact your business, its productivity, and its efficiency. Leveraging the capacity of these organizations is key to your growth.

Hundreds of thousands of innovative, forward-thinking legal professionals have chosen Clio as their practice management software. When properly set up and managed, this platform can be an integral tool to your law firm’s growth. To begin the process of setting up Clio for bookkeeping or to speak with our team about whether Clio is the right choice for you, consider connecting with us at (513) 334-5076 today.