Accounts Payable Management and Vendor Payment for Law Firms

Accounts payable management (which includes managing Client Advanced Costs) for law firms is an often-overlooked component of an effective accounting and bookkeeping plan, but properly handling law firm vendor payments and managing expenses to ensure the client is ultimately billed and the firm is reimbursed for advance costs is the backbone of your business’s health. At CPN Legal, we look for ways to maximize potential, improve efficiency, and increase firm revenue for our legal clients. Our team will provide the guidance and support you need to strengthen your firm and scale your business. To tap into our decades of combined experience in law firm accounting and bookkeeping, consider connecting with our team of experts at (513) 334-5076 today.

About CPN Legal

We are a robust team of dedicated CPAs, controllers, bookkeepers, and industry experts with a passion for helping lawyers achieve tremendous financial success in their practice. We accomplish this by creating a tailored accounting plan around our clients’ unique needs and the metrics of their business. There is no one-size-fits all approach to accounting and bookkeeping, and we leverage our in-depth knowledge and expertise to solve problems and drive efficiency.

When you partner with us, you gain access to the skills and knowledge of a team that handles bookkeeping, accounting, technology optimization, and staff training. What sets us apart is our experience navigating the legal industry and the niche of law firm accounting. With CPN Legal, you can regain the peace of mind necessary to focus on your practice and leave the numbers to us.

What Are Accounts Payable?

Accounts payable encompass all the financial obligations incurred by your firm during its operations that must be paid in the short term. Your accounts payable management will include all the processes used to organize your bills, make and track outgoing payments, and balance your accounts payable (A/P).

It is important to manage your accounts payable in conjunction with cash flow. Keeping an eye on upcoming expenses lets you be better prepared to cover expenses without experiencing a shortfall or getting behind in payments which affects your credit rating.

What Are Common Challenges Associated with Accounts Payable Management?

Balancing the goals of sustaining good cash flow and maintaining vendor relationships is delicate, especially if your practice relies on inefficient accounts payable management systems. While implementing automated tools can help alleviate some of these inefficiencies, there is no denying that managing your accounts payable is tedious and time-consuming. Some of the most common challenges associated with A/P management include:

  • The use of inefficient, paper-based systems, which contribute to slow processing times, low transparency, and an increased risk of error. Discrepancies are common when using inefficient accounts payable management systems, which often result in double payments that significantly impact your bottom line.
  • Lack of security protocols. Payment fraud is becoming more and more prevalent, and law firms require additional security measures to mitigate the risk of fraud. The right technology can help your business identify and prevent invoice fraud attempts before they spiral out of control.
  • Paying vendors on time. A harmonious collaboration with your vendors can help reduce costs and improve your firm’s financial efficiency. While making payments on time may seem easy, many lawyers become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of administrative duties that they must juggle in their practice, causing them to fall short on meeting payment term requirements. With the right tools in place, you can better manage your payment procedures and ensure that vendors are paid in a timely manner.

With the right system in place, these challenges can be offset. At CPN Legal, we collaborate with law firms to set up new systems for tracking expenses, handling vendor payments, and managing your accounts payable through the use of Quickbooks Online.

What Are Common Complications with Setting Up Systems for Vendor Payment?

Setting up systems for vendor payment for law firms is ideal for streamlining your processes, but optimizing these systems for speed and efficiency is difficult. Many attorneys encounter roadblocks when attempting to automate vendor payments, largely due to issues with the setup process or problems integrating software into their existing accounting and banking systems.

It is also necessary to ensure that your system adheres to the latest security standards and complies with all relevant financial regulations, which can pose complications. Outsourcing your accounts payable management can help to avoid these roadblocks and ensure that your systems account for the unique needs of your law firm.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounts Payable Management?

Hiring a team experienced in handling accounts payable management for law firms can not only help you reduce costs but opens the door to new A/P resources and better administrative tracking and reporting tools. Typically, A/P consultants come equipped with the most innovative technology to handle your workflows and automate your systems. They will integrate this technology into your practice, then take the steps necessary to resolve discrepancies and provide ongoing support.

The right team will partner with you to proactively problem solve and develop the best strategy to grow your business. They will be engaged in your accounting and bookkeeping systems, collaborating with you to streamline your processes and implement the solutions you need to make smart business decisions in your practice.

Hiring CPN Legal to Support Your Law Firm’s Accounts Payable Management

When it comes to accounts payable management for law firms, you need an accounting partner with industry experience and a high level of expertise. At CPN Legal, we strive to maximize your time and increase your workflow efficiency through a multi-disciplinary approach. With nearly 30 experts on our team, you can feel confident that we will take a collaborative approach to manage your firm’s books and help you scale your practice. To discuss your systems with our team, consider contacting us at (513) 334-5076 today