Meet Mary Kingsley! Mary is one of our talented Senior Accountants. She excels in explaining things to our clients. Maybe that is because she initially set out to be a teacher. Once she took her first bookkeeping course, her focus switched and she’s been a part of the accounting world ever since. Mary got her first job with a Certified Public Accountant right after school and has only worked for three firms, CPN Legal included, during her thirty-plus year career. We’re very glad to have her as part of our team.

One of the things that drew Mary to CPN Legal was the family atmosphere. Having that element is important to Mary as a mother and grandmother. Born and raised in Ohio, Mary does spend some time on the road. Mary is a true fan of music and enjoys traveling for concerts. She is one of the few people we know who has attended a concert in a cave.


Warren County Center
Lebanon, OH
Accounting Certificate