Our Chief Operating Officer is a very special part of the CPN Legal team. Not only does Nicole Tedford help us scale our business processes and implement best practices, but she also officially makes CPN Legal a family business of multiple generations. Nicole is the daughter of CPN Legal’s founders Chris and Peggy Gruenke. She has watched CPN Legal grow from the ground up and truly understands the unique challenges our team and our clients face. Before joining us, Nicole gained a wealth of experience as an employee benefit consultant with a regional firm, partnering with businesses of all sizes to advise on their benefits strategy. At her previous company, Nicole worked her way from a client-facing role to a director-level position demonstrating her commitment to both clients and employees. We are so fortunate that her strong business leadership skills and strategic focus perfectly aligns with our growing company’s needs.

Outside of the office, Nicole spends her time with her family and exploring the outdoors with her daughter and husband, beach volleyball with her dad, and family game nights. In addition to being a mom and part of the CPN Legal Team, Nicole is also a competitive horseback rider and show jumper. She spends several days a week practicing and enjoying time her horse, Rio. She plans to share this love of riding with June as soon as she’s old enough to sit on her first saddle, which is already waiting for her.


Xavier University,
Cincinnati, OH
Bachelors in Business
Administration and Economics