As an attorney, you perform substantive legal work for your clients. Taking time out of your busy schedule to wring your hands over business management decisions is inefficient and time-consuming. The time you spend on administrative tasks takes away from your billable hours and productivity, putting you in an endless loop of trying to grow your legal practice but falling short due to inefficient financial systems. At CPN Legal, we empower lawyers to make informed decisions about the growth of their practice. By taking advantage of powerful legal technology tools like QuickBooks Online and Clio, we help law firms increase efficiency and adopt modern workflows across all systems. To learn more about how we can help with integrating QuickBooks Online and Clio into your practice, consider contacting our team of experts at (513) 334-5076 today.

About CPN Legal

Founded in 2011 by two visionary entrepreneurs with a goal of helping law firms grow and sustain a competitive edge in the legal industry, CPN Legal has since grown into an award winning and nationally recognized consultancy. We are home to a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, all working to equip law firms with the tools and resources needed to improve efficiency, productivity, and business outcomes.

We value our relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and find a deep sense of satisfaction in seeing our ideas and innovations at work in the businesses we serve. Our team of CPAs, controllers, bookkeepers, and industry specialists are driven by a shared passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to see real improvements in the careers and lives of those around us.

Does Clio Integrate with QuickBooks Online?

Yes! Clio’s top-tier legal practice management software integrates with QuickBooks Online to sync processes with ease and improve the efficiency of your accounting systems. By integrating QuickBooks Online & Clio, you can handle business, enhance cash flow, and maintain full visibility in trust and operational accounts – all in one place.

In essence, with these two tools working in tandem, you can create a stellar cloud-based, automated solution for all your most important accounting tasks. Less labor spent on tedious tasks means more billable hours for your practice.

What Are the Benefits of Connecting Your Clio Account with QuickBooks Online?

When integrated properly, Clio and QuickBooks Online work together to save you time and effort while mitigating the risk of error. There are a range of benefits associated with connecting your Clio account with QuickBooks online, including:

  • Easy-to-sync capabilities. One of the most notable advantages of integrating QuickBooks Online & Clio is the ability to seamlessly sync all important financial information and business data. By eliminating the need for double entry, you can reduce the likelihood of error when entering data and writing checks.
  • Keeping track of client ledgers and trust accounts. When it comes to trust accounting, ensuring compliance with all state bar rules and regulations is critical. With QuickBooks Online and Clio, you can easily reconcile trust accounting through a range of tracking and organization tools.
  • Eliminate errors in your accounting processes. Clio and QuickBooks Online streamline the processes of invoicing clients, collecting payments, and balancing trust accounts. By automating these systems, you can avoid costly errors in your accounting processes.
  • Time-tracking, simplified. There are several time-tracking tools that you can utilize to track every minute of billable work to a specific case on mobile or within the web app. This can be particularly valuable for attorneys who work from an office or while on-the-go.
  • Better options for client billing. With client-focused features including payment plans, customizable invoices, and remote credit-card payment options, you can improve the clarity of your legal services and maintain transparency in all aspects of client billing.

Is it Difficult to Integrate Your Clio and QuickBooks Account?

There are always two sides to every coin, and while there are several key benefits of integrating QuickBooks Online & Clio, we would be remiss to gloss over the difficulties of the process. We have worked with several attorneys who reported feeling overwhelmed while attempting to integrate their accounts, particularly when it comes to trust accounting. Ensuring that the two platforms properly sync can be arduous, which can lead to compounded issues with monthly reconciliations and trust compliance.

What Are Common Roadblocks for Integrating QuickBooks Online & Clio?

If the two platforms are properly connected, integrating Clio and QuickBooks Online can make your accounting much more efficient. Many attorneys experience issues with syncing, which impacts nearly every area of their accounting systems. In some cases, our clients struggle to reconcile what comes into QuickBooks Online with what comes into Clio. In other situations, attorneys lose track of their financial records when integrating the two platforms and cannot identify the source of specific funds.

Roadblocks often arise when lawyers attempt to set up and integrate their accounts on their own, without the help of an experienced bookkeeper. Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping is the most efficient way to ensure that your financial information is properly synced, that you maintain accurate records of all transactions, and that you remain in compliance with the rules and regulations laid out by the state bar.

At CPN Legal, our expertise goes beyond general bookkeeping. We know our way around law firm accounting and have the experience necessary to help you avoid roadblocks when integrating Clio & QuickBooks Online. By leveraging our in-depth knowledge, you can sidestep the confusion of merging these two platforms and ensure that your accounting systems are successfully connected, synced, and configured to keep your books on track.

How Can CPN Legal Help with the Integration Process

If you are not careful, inefficient practices can become entrenched in the day-to-day operations of your practice. At CPN Legal, we work alongside lawyers and law firms to integrate innovative technology into their practice and streamline their workflows. Whether you are interested in integrating Clio & QuickBooks Online to improve your firm’s efficiency and productivity, our team of experts can help. To learn more, consider contacting us at (513) 334-5076 today.